Camp 291


Live compact close to nature

Camp 291 consists of nine design cabins designed as detached apartments on one level with glass walls on three of four sides. The cabins are located 291 meters above sea level, in the middle of the Narvikfjellet ski resort, and are the natural base for good mountain experiences all year round.

The compact cabins have two different sizes and give the feeling of staying in a luxury hotel with high comfort beds and a skylight window in the master bedroom. All cabins have a private balcony with panoramic views and are located undisturbed in the terrain.

Camp 291 is the natural base for you who want to live well close to nature, whether you come with skis, bike, mountain boots or if you just want to relax with dancing northern lights. This is an experience you will never forget!


The cabins

Camp 291 consists of a total of 9 cabins, divided into 4 large and 5 small. The small cabins of 22 sqm ha a capasity for 2-4 people and are well suited for couples and small families. The large cabins of 30 sqm are suitable for families of 4-6 people or 2 couples. The cabins have all facilities and provide an experience of living in harmony with nature.

All cabins have a living room with dining area and open kitchen with hob and dishwasher (not oven), bathroom, entrance hall and bedroom. With glass walls on three of four sides, nature is drawn into the cabins as a unique element in the living experience. All cabins have a view of the deep fjord and the high mountains, and from the balcony door at the back of the cabin you can enjoy the view of Narvikfjellet's slopes and snow conditions before the ski day starts. From the bed you will be able to see the northern lights or fall asleep to the midnight sun - the choice is yours!

The cabins are recyclable, have a long durability and are placed on poles for the least possible footprint in nature. The quality of the cabins is consistent, and the modern architecture blends into nature in a very special way.

By Snøhetta and Nature Compact Living

A modern and space-efficient cabin park requires an uncompromising attitude to the choice of materials and partners. Therefore, it became natural for Narvikfjellet to enter into a collaboration with Snøhetta and Nature Compact Living.

Nature Compact Living develops and produces cabins with a unique living experience, direct contact with nature, combined with good comfort and high quality. Since its founding in 1989, the design and architectural firm Snøhetta has worked to increase the quality of life of people all over the world through projects that promote social and environmental sustainability. Snøhetta and Nature Compact Living are developing the next generation of cabins. If you want to live in rental cabins that keep consumption down, minimize encroachment on nature and at the same time are designed to provide high comfort, then Camp 291 is the right choice for you!