Ski safety (in cooperation with Alpinanleggenes Landsforening, ALF)

The employees of Narvikfjellet is very dedicated to keeping you safe in the slopes, but you must also think about safety yourself. Take a look at the Alpine Skiing rules below before skiing in Narvikfjellet.

In Narvikfjellet there is the Ski patrol which has the main responsibility for the skiers safety, as well as ensuring that our guests comply with the Alpine Skiing Rules. Feel free to contact the Ski Patrol if you have any questions or want to chat the next time you see them in the facility!

Alpine Skiing Rules and Ski Safety

1. Responsibility to avoid injury
You must conduct yourself appropriatley so that you do not harm yourself or others.

2. Adjust your speed to the conditions
You must have control, adjust speed and manner of skiing according to your competence and the main terrain, the conditions and traffic.

3. Duty to give way
When you approach from behind someone else (from above), you are responsible for avoiding any collision.

4. Overtaking/descent
It is forbidden to run straight downhill except during organised training. If you run past another skier/snowboarder, you must give then adequate space for both controlled and uncontrolled movements.

5. Starting, running in or uphill turn during descent 
If you run in or turn uphill on a downward slope, you must ensure that this happens, without endangering yourself or others. The same applies to running after stopping.

6. Stop in downhill
Do not stop or stay at narrow places or blind spots.

7. Waling downhill
If you are on foot, only use the outer edges of the slope.

8. Ski brakes/runaway straps
Ski brakes/runaway straps are compulsory. Make sure that the bindings are set correctly.

9. Respect the signs
Follow the signs, markings and instructions.

10. Help in case of accidents 
When injuries occur everyone has a duty to help. Witnesses and those involved are obligated to provide their personal details. 

11. Tobogganing
Tobogganing in the prepared slopes constitutes a significant danger and is not allowed during opening hours, that includes the use of sledge and like.

Alpine skiing is associated with a degree of danger, therefore please be careful. Drugs and skiing do not mix. Violation of the ski code can result in expulsion from the facility.