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Narvikfjellet Ski Service

Does your ski equipment need some love and care, or do you need help mounting new bindings? Perhaps you want to wax your base before winter storage, or fix a deep scratch after an exciting freeride session? In that case, one of our skilled staff members at the ski workshop can assist you!


Quality Equipment and Expert Service Team

With our Omega SBI stone and belt grinder, we can provide you with a perfect sole structure. The new Trimjet sharpens the base and side edges, ensuring sharp and smooth edges for optimal riding comfort. Additionally, we perform base repairs, mount bindings, apply wax, and other treatments and repairs for your equipment. Our ski workshop staff members are highly skilled and experienced in servicing skis and snowboards.


Important Information

Important information for those delivering equipment for service:

  • Provide a phone number when dropping off your equipment.
  • Customers will be contacted in case of significant price changes.
  • All snowboards needing grinding should be delivered without bindings (excluding wax + polishing machine).
  • The boundary between Alpine and Fat skis is 95 mm, but it varies based on ski type and model.
  • Special touring and randonee skis may deviate from the price list.
  • All skis and snowboards should be picked up and dropped off at the ski rental.
  • If you have specific requests, please inform us upon drop-off.
  • When mounting bindings, please bring your shoes.
  • Specify the desired pickup date upon drop-off.
  • All equipment should be free from dirt and debris upon delivery.

Note: Estimated time for all services (except machine wax, which can be done on-site) is 1 day or more. Feel free to specify how quickly you need the equipment upon delivery.

For questions or other inquiries regarding the service for your ski equipment, please contact us at:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +47 905 40 088"



Service Menu


(<131 cm)
(>130 cm)
Full Service    
Stone grinding, edge sharpening, waxing, and polishing 790,- 640,-
Racing Service    
Info kommer 1.090,- 1.090,-
Edge sharpening and waxing    
Edge sharpening with ceramic disc, manual waxing, and polishing 490,- 400,-
Edge sharpening    
Edge sharpening with ceramic disc 250,- 250,-
Machine waxing and polishing    
Drop-in service, machine waxing, and polishing 135,- 135,-
Hot waxing and polishing    
Hand waxing and polishing 370,- 370,-
Sole repair    
Price based on the extent of damage, starting from 370,- 370,-
New installation
Reinstalling the old one
Other services    
Pr 30 min 250,- 250,-


* During repair, the final price depends on the extent of the damage. No service will be performed until the customer has agreed to the service cost.