Privacy Policy


Dear Customer 

Your privacy is important to Narvikfjellet and we take our responsibility for security regarding your personal information very seriously. 

We undertake to protect your personal information and practice transparency regarding the information we collect about you and what we do with it. 

In order to reflect the latest changes in privacy legislation, and our commitment to transparency, we have updated our Privacy Policy. 



Narvikfjellet ("we") respect your privacy and process personal information as personal data controller in accordance with the Personal Data Act. These terms provide information about how we process information about you.

What information we process and how we use it

We process visitor information. This is information that the server generates automatically when someone visits our website. This typically includes which pages are downloaded, time, which page you came from, IP address, type of device (e.g. iPhone, iPad), type of browser and operating system. Visitor information is used anonymously, for the purpose of operating and further developing our web pages.

If you enter information in registration forms, we will also process the information you enter in the registration forms. This information is used to manage the services. Your e-mail address may be used to send you advertising, if you have consented to this, or as otherwise permitted by Norwegian law.

We will also process your enquiries and feedback if you volunteered to contact us or provide feedback about our web site.

Disclosure to third parties

Your information will be disclosed to our supplier City Break AB, which hosts our website.

How do we store the information?

We have implemented technical, physical and organizational measures to prevent personal data being lost or unauthorized access to data. We also keep the information encrypted where this is necessary.

Visitor information is deleted/anonymized on a continuous basis. Other information we receive from you will be deleted when we no longer need to store it.

Links may contain links to websites owned and operated by others. These privacy terms apply only to, and we are not responsible for how your personal information is processed on external sites.



We will publish changes to the privacy statement on the website. Your continued use of the website means that you accept the revised privacy terms. Users of the website should check the privacy statement regularly. can, by agreement with TripAdvisor, collect and display reviews from users who have published information on relevant destinations and products on TripAdvisor. Users have renounced all rights they may have when writing these user reviews. Your contributions may be freely used, copied, distributed and published in all media and in all ways, without your permission. See TripAdvisor's terms and comments for the web area, personal privacy provisions and cookie guidelines.

We do not edit user reviews published on TripAdvisor, and cannot be held responsible for these reviews, or other use, distribution or republication of them. neither confirms nor denies opinions or attitudes expressed in user reviews. All decisions taken on the basis of reviews or comments on, are made at your own expense.



We use cookies. These are data packets that are stored on your device.

Our cookies are used to customize the web pages for your use and your settings, as well as to conduct anonymous surveys of user behavior on the web pages and record the number of visitors. Cookies can also be used for user-oriented marketing in accordance with applicable law.

We use the following cookies:

Session-dependent cookies are used to detect that a user is on our website, and what choices the user makes.

We use fixed cookies to avoid changing any fixed settings every time you visit our site (such as language). Most regular cookies have an expiration date, and will be automatically deleted after a given period.

We use third party cookies to collect general statistics about visits to our web pages (such as Google Analytics).

You can choose to reject cookies in your browser. Through a feature in your browser, you can also choose if and when to delete cookies.

Questions or comments

If you have questions or comments on how we process your personal information, please contact us at [email protected]