Velkommen til Fjellheisrestauranten 656 moh.

God mat og drikke med fantastisk utsikt på toppen av Narvik.

Narvikfjellet Restaurant "Fjellheisrestauranten", 656 m.

The Narvikfjellet Restaurant is the very heart of Narvikfjellet, and for many the main motivation to visit the mountain. From the restaurant you can enjoy a panoramic view of Narvik, the Ofotfjord, the historic ore harbor and the majestic mountains surrounding the city.

What do we serve at Fjellheisrestauranten?

Summer 2024, the Mountain Cable Car Restaurant will serve as a warm and enjoyable café. Here, you'll find a simple yet delicious food, paired with excellent drinks. We have something for everyone, from the coffee enthusiasts to those simply looking to visit and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Transport to the restaurant

The easiest and fastest transport to the Narvikfjellet Restaurant via the cable car. The cable car ride takes about 5 minutes from Skistua at 220 m, which is a great adventure by itself, offering great panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

As an alternative for the active, one can walk up to the restaurant along the well-known Narvikfjellet "Fjellveien". The road is a well-build gravel road that winds its way up the mountain, with natural viewpoints along the way. The hike is suitable for both children and adults, and takes about 45-75 minutes. The road is normally snow-free from mid-May to November.

Questions about private events or table reservations?

If you want to get for information about our offers at the restaurant, or do are you planning a party, summer fest with colleagues, or a lunch/dinner with friends? Then get in touch via [email protected] for an (non-binding) offer or for reserving a table at the restaurant.


Nice to know


Opening hours

The Narvikfjellet Restaurant follows the ski resort's opening hours.

Note the kitchen's opening hours:
15.30-19.00 (when the rest. is open 15-20)
15.30-20.00 (when rest. is open 15-21)
11: 00-16: 00 (when the rest. is open 10-17)
14: 00-19: 00 (when the rest. is open 13-20)
14: 00-22: 00 (when the rest. is open 13-23)

You are welcome to enter the restaurant as soon as we open, and we are happy to serve coffee or other snacks immediately! However, we need a little extra time to get started on the magic waffle iron and our beloved pizza oven, and therefore do not take orders from the menu until 30-60 minutes after opening. See the kitchen's opening hours above.