Narvikfjellet Restaurant 656 masl.


The Narvikfjellet Restaurant is the very heart of Narvikfjellet, and often the main motivation to visit the mountain. From the restaurant you can enjoy a panoramic view of Narvik City, the Ofot fjord, the historic ore harbor and the majestic mountains surrounding the city.


Cable car Transport

The only optional transport to the Narvikfjellet Restaurant is the cable car. The cable car ride takes about 5 minutes from Skistua 220 masl, and offers an unrivalled panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. At the top, there are several viewing platforms and benches available where you can sit, relax and sovour the view, before enjoying a gastromomic experience indoors. 


Hike to the Narvikfjellet Restaurant

As an alternative to the cable car, you can choose to walk up to the restaurant along the well-known Narvikfjellet Mounatin Road "Fjellveien". The road is a well-build gravel road that winds its way up the mountain, with natural viewpoints along the way. The hike is suitebale for both children and adults, and takes about 45-75 minutes. The road is normally snow-free from mid-May to November.