About Narvikfjellet

Welcome to Narvikfjellet, a unique venue both during the summer and during the winter, surrounded by majestic mountains and deep fjords. At the foot of the mountain you find Narvik city, which turns Narvikfjellet into Norway's most urban mountain resorts. We offer a variety of experiences, both for family, friends, ski touring enthusiasts, bike enthusiasts, and active alpine skiers/snowboarders.

Narvikfjellet is a facility for everyone. During the ski season, families and beginners can benefit from a separate children's ski band and several areas with jumps, children's games and park items. For the active and experienced skier, we have several technical demanding trails for those seeking a good dose of adrenaline. In addition, Narvikfjellet has one of Scandinavia's largest fall heights and excellent terrain for off-piste skiing.

The lifts starts just above the city center, approximately 200 meters above sea level, and the lifts take you up to 1006 meters above the sea within 10 minutes. The spectacular views from the top of Narvikfjellet are unique, as the pistes go almost down to the fjord. Narvikfjellet has its own cable car, three t-bars and a chair lift. The cable car and t-bars take you to the upper mountain lift station at 656 m. The chairlift can take you up even further, to Linken at 1006 meters above sea level. From there you can enjoy 889 vertical meters of piste skiing. Alternatively, you can hike another 300 m up to Tredjetoppen ("3rd summit", 1272 m.a.s.l.), the start of several phenomenal off-piste runs. For this you may want to have a ski guide, who we can also provide.

Our cable car was Northern Europe's first cable car when it was completed in 1957. We are now proud to offer you a brand new cable car, inaugurated in February 2019. In addition to the activities offered today, we will offer a lot of new and exiting activities in the upcoming summer and winters. Our goal is to be an active resort for everyone, all year.

Winter Season

Number of slopes 
15 (9 of these prepared)
Number of lifts:
6 (3 t-bars, 1 ski band, 1 chairlift, 1 cable car)
Overall slopes length:
10 kilometers
Longest continuous slope:
5 kilometers
Fall-height liftpased:
From Linken 1006 m to 118 m. Total fall-height: 889 m!
Fall-height off-piste:
From Tredjetoppen 1272 m to 118 m. Total fall-height: 1154 m!
Park elements:
Yes, simple park items like jumps and rails can be found in the area called "Family Ground"
Ski rental:
Yes (alpine skis, off-piste ski, snowboard, randonee, avalanche equipment, helmets) See more here.
Yes, Fjellheisrestauranten 656 m, serving simple hot dishes.
Yes, purchase of ski passes, alpine goggles, gloves, hats, helmets and more.
Ski School/Ski instructor:
Yes, on request. See more here.
Guided Off-Piste Skiing
Yes, with a certified ski guide. See more here.
Ski Service:
Yes, we can make your snowboard or skis as good as new. Just deliver them to the ski rental during opening hours.
Length of our groomed slopes:
Førstebakken/Holstkleiva: 606 m
Andrebakken/Upper part Holstkleiva: 557 m
Tredjebakken: 645 m
Familiebakken: 915 m
Barnebakken: 140 m
Utforløypa: 500 m
Snaua: 645 m
Fjellveien: 3,1 km
Linkenløypa: 1,2 km

Summer Season:

The cable car takes you up to the upper mountain lift station 656 meters above sea level, where the Fjellheisrestauranten is located. From here you have several alternatives for shorter and longer hikes in the mountain. For short trips we can recommend the trip to Linken (1006 m) or to Tredjetoppen (1272 m). You can take longer trips where you, for example, follow Partisanleden. We also offer guides tours, which will enhance your experience in our mountains.

Many people choose to take the cable car up and then walk down the Fjellveien, an easy-to-follow gravel road. Our cable car runs until 1:00 am, so that you can enjoy the wonderful views in the midnight sun. Some even say that on a good sunny day, you will see the houses at the shores of England, but we dare us to tell you that it is the Lofoten Island you can see.

At Narvikfjellet you also find ideal conditions and terrain for mountain biking. You can take your bike into the cable car. The top is the start of several downhill trails, including the downhill track for the Norwegian Cup in 2014.