Sesongkort 24/25
Sesongkort 24/25
Sesongkort 24/25
Sesongkort 24/25
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Sesong 23/24

Welcome to a new winter season at Narvikfjellet!Save up to 30% on season passes when purchased between November 5th and November25th.

The season pass includes:

The season pass grants you unlimited access to all lifts and allows you to ski any day you desire throughout the entire ski season. With the season pass, you can go straight to the lift upon arrival at the resort, skipping the queue to purchase a lift ticket.


The annual pass can be used throughout the ski season from the season start to the season end on April 27th.

Important Information:

  • Your Axess chip card and the card's WTP number (on the back) are unique and personal to you. If you don't have a chip card yet, you can add it to your order in the next step.
  • All season pass holders must have a representative photo showing the cardholder's shoulders and face from the front.
  • Season passes are personal and cannot be loaned to others.
  • The lift pass will be activated when you use it in the lift for the first time.