Natursti i Narvikfjellet - Lær og opplev!
Natursti i Narvikfjellet - Lær og opplev!
Natursti i Narvikfjellet - Lær og opplev!
Natursti i Narvikfjellet - Lær og opplev!
Natursti i Narvikfjellet - Lær og opplev!
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Nature Trail in Narvikfjellet - Learn and experience!

Bring your family on an exciting and educational hike along the mountain gravel road in Narvikfjellet!

Information about the Nature Path

Pick up your answer booklets in the Ski Shop and take the cable car up to the Mountain Restaurant 656 masl. Here you can enjoy our well-known Linken waffle with fantastic views of the ore harbour and the Ofot fjord, before setting out on the trip down the mountain. The nature trail consists of 10 posts along a well-prepared gravel road, where each post consists of posters with questions, information, tips and fun illustrations. The questions are suitable for young and old, and are about everything from wildlife, war history, nature and facts about Narvik and Narvikfjellet. Learn something new, use your senses and experience Narvik in a fun way! Time consumption: 1 hour. NOTE: The Nature Trail is only in norwegian language.

The answer booklet

The answer booklet will be handed out to you in the Ski Shop at the lower gondola station. Mark the correct answer in the booklet along the nature trail, and place the booklet completed in the mailbox that hangs by the last post. The booklet is your lottery ticket in the draw of great experiences and products in Narvikfjellet. We draw 10 lucky winners by end of season.


Adult NOK 320

Youth NOK 220 (7-17 years)

Children NOK 120 (0-6 years)

Family NOK 890 (up to 2 + 3)

The price includes

• Gondola ticket one way

• Activity booklet for the whole family

• Coffee / cocoa and Linkenvaffel at Fjellheisrestauranten 656 masl

Date of availability: June 17 - August 31.

Time: Available within the facility's opening hours. See opening hours on

Duration: 90 min +

Booked at

Registration in the Ski Shop on arrival

Criteria for participation

• All participants must be able to go down Fjellveien / path for their own machine.

• Footwear and clothing suitable for the current weather