Terms for lift card in Narvikfjellet

Narvikfjellet's terms for lift card.


Chip Cards (Axess cards) are mandatory due to contactless ticketing. This does not apply for one-way trips with the cable car in Narvikfjellet. If you do not have a Chip Card (Axess-card), you must bu this. As of 01.10.2018 the card costs NOK 100 in addition to the lift card price. When purchasing a lift card online , you can either use an existing Axess Chip Card or choose to pick up the card in the Skishop/pick-up box. The Chip Card will be charged at the first pass when boarding the ski lift. At the bottom of the card there is a Chip Card number (for example WTP: K9811009-U9L-QYM that must be used in our online payment solution to charge the Chip Card with the desired lift card. Tips before buying: Have a new photos ready on your computer or mobile phone if you would like to purchase for several people or the whole family. Remember that Axess cards are personalised, so we recommend you upload the correct card to the correct person if you have several cards in the family. There is no right of return or deposit on the lift card/Chip Card.

Season card

A seasonal car is a personal car with photo and must not be used by anyone else. Lost cards will not be replaced. There is no refund for unplanned shutdown, for example due to bad weather , power failure, mechanical failure, or similar, nor unforeseen physical injury or limitations with the card holder. All business activities in alpine resorts and areas require a written agreement from the lit system. In case of abuse or violation of the above guidelines, or of the alpine trail rules, the lift card may be withdrawn or cancelled without compensation. 

Weather and surface conditions

We inform all our guests that the weather and surface conditions can change in the mountains. The guest is responsible for assessing weather and surface conditions in accordance with their skiing and snowboarding skills before purchasing a lift card.


There are no refunds on lift cards during poor weather and conditions, fog, snow, ice, technical failure or similar. Guests must elevate weather and snow conditions on the basis of their skiing and snowboarding skills. If you are uncertain with regard to weather and conditions, contact the Skishop before you buy lift cards. There are no refund for lift cards/annual cards/season cards if the card holder incurs injury or illnes during the card's validity period. There are no refunds for packaged products containing a lift card after 45 days before arrival.


The guest is responsible for showing a discount coupon/voucher/gift card/student ID for the purchase of lift card. There is no refund afterwards.

For groups of more than 10 people

For groups of more than 10 people, please contact Narvikfjellet for offers (up to 15% discount on lift card in Narvikfjellet for combined payment for the group).

Children under 7 year's of age.

Children under 7 year's of age ski free of charge in Narvikfjellet if they use a helmet and carry a Chip Card with a valid children's ticket. Chip Card (Axess cards) must be bought at the current price.

Forfeiture of lift card

A lift card may be cancelled due to material violation of the Skiing Code and instructions on lifts and slopes, and in connection with skiing in a intoxicated state.




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