Terms and conditions, Narvikfjellet Accommodation



Our terms and conditions are automatically accepted at the time of booking. 
The conditions apply to the following accommodation: Camp 291 and Basecamp Narvik.




1.1. The person placing the order must be at least 20 years old.
1.2. Please check the confirmation you receive by e-mail so that it is in accordance with your order.
1.3. A booking is binding as soon as a booking number is assigned to the guest and payment is completed/agreed upon.
 It is the booker's responsibility to check that arrival and departure date, as well as other information essential to the booking, are correct.
1.4. Group bookings for accommodation must be made in writing to  
[email protected] 
1.5. The client is responsible for providing correct information. 
2.    Payment

2.1. When ordering/purchasing, the amount must be paid in full. The guest shall receive an electronic booking confirmation sent by e-mail to the specified e-mail address.
2.2. Narvikfjellet uses a payment solution from Nets and you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Prepaid, Bankaxcept, Amex.
2.3. When paying on site/drop-in, foreign currency is not accepted.
2.4. When invoicing companies, an organization number and possibly a credit check are required. We operate with a 14-day credit period unless otherwise agreed. Payment by invoice must be agreed upon in advance.
2.5. When invoicing private guests, birth and social security numbers are required. A 14-day credit period also applies. Payment by invoice must be agreed upon in advance. 
2.6. No refunds will be given for paid additional products/services that are not used for various reasons. 

3. Cancellation and modification

3.1. Orders via the internet must be changed/cancelled at the same site as the order was made.
3.2. Extension of stay / booking cannot be guaranteed and is dependent on occupancy. Price may also vary.
3.3. Bookings by phone/e-mail/reception can be changed/cancelled and sent to
[email protected].
3.4. Cancellation conditions are the same regardless of how/where the booking is made.
3.5. Cancellation conditions: 

Narvik 3.5.1. Cancellation 0-2 days before arrival: 100% fee (Changes/cancellations must be made by 12:00 PM)
3.5.2. Cancellation 3-7 days before arrival: 50% fee (Changes/cancellations must be made by 12:00 PM)
3.5.3. Cancellation 8 days or more before arrival: 0% fee

291 3.5.4. Cancellation 0-7 days before arrival: 100% fee (Changes/cancellations must be made by 12:00 PM)
3.5.5. Cancellation 8-14 days before arrival: 50% fee (Changes/cancellations must be made by 12:00 PM)
3.5.6. Cancellation 15 days or more before arrival: 0% fee)

3.6. In case of unforeseen events that cause the stay to be interrupted / truncated, no refund will be given. Narvikfjellet recommends all guests to take out travel insurance in advance of their stay, and that any compensation claims are directed there.  
4. During your stay

4.1. The accommodation of stay accepts no liability for any self-inflicted personal injuries during the stay. 
4.2. The accommodation of stay accepts no liability for damage to buildings / fixtures caused by the guest during the stay. 
4.3. The accommodation of stay is not responsible for the guest's valuables stored in and around the accommodation. 
4.4. Items left behind are kept for 6 months. Delivery/shipment costs will be charged to the customer. When sending abroad, the guest must be responsible for ordering pick-up and shipment of items.
4.5. If the rules in the cabin book (link in the booking and physically available in all cabins) are not followed, this may result in a financial compensation claim for the guest, depending on the extent of the violation.
4.6. If the guest defies the ban on smoking in one of our units a fee will be charged as followed:
4.6.1 Basecamp – NOK 5000 per room and NOK 7000 in the Polar Suite.
4.6.2 Camp 291 – NOK 5000 per small cabin and NOK 7000 per large cabin.
4.7. Accommodation only applies to the number of guests indicated in the booking confirmation. 
4.8. As a guest, you are responsible for reading and familiarizing yourself with the practical information for your stay.
4.9. In the situation where a chip or a physical key has been provided to the guest, the guest is required to turn in the chip/key by the end of their stay. In the case where the chip/key has not been delivered by departure a fee will be imposed to the guest:
4.9.1.Physical key NOK 500
4.9.2.Chip NOK 150

5. Deviations

5.1. Deviations or defects in ordered goods / services shall be notified immediately so that Camp 291 and Basecamp Narvik can rectify / correct the deviation. More information can be found in the cabin rules. 
6. Data storage and privacy
6.1. Link to privacy policy on the website.  
7. Final provisions

7.1. Narvikfjellet AS reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, with immediate effect. The latest version of these Terms will always be available on Narvikfjellet.no. 
7.2. The terms and conditions apply from the time of booking until the end of the departure control of the accommodation.