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Snow Racing

Let's go snow racing! Join us for a fast-paced and fun experience along the mountainroad "Fjellveien" in Narvikfjellet. The cable car brings you up to the Mountain Restaurant 656 mas. where we serve hot beverage and our famous Linken wafle before the snow racing starts.You will then be given a helmet and snow racer, before the guide gives you a safety briefing. When everyone has tested the brakes and fastened the helmet firmly under the chin, the smooth descent begins. Set out on the roughly 2 kilometer trail and have fun!

Snow Racing is a fun and energic activity. Participants will need to have some physical mobility, and the product is therefore unfortunately not available for persons using wheelchair.

Useful information

  • Available monday-saturday, with a minimum number of 2 participants.
  • Maximum capacity is 15 persons.
  • Order needs to take place latest 48 hrs before arrival.
  • The cable car transports you up to the mountain restaurant, and you go by sled back down again.
  • Meetingpoint is lower cable car station. Address: Skistua 61, 8515 Narvik.
  • Startime 19.00 (weekdays) and 16.00 (saturday + vinterholiday).
  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • Period: Mid February until the end of April
  • Clothes and shoes according to weatherconditions. We recommend waterproff clothing and shoes.
  • Degree of difficuly: middle. We require that particaipants has general good physics and sight. Max weight per person 100kg. Not suitable for pregnants.
  • A guide from Narvikfjellet will also be participating


There are available toilets and heated living space. Snacks, beverages and souvernirs for purchase.



Price NOK 695,- per person

Included in the price: cable car transport one way, 1 hot beverage (coffee/tea/cocoa) and Linkenwafle. Sled- and helmet rental is also included.


In case of cancellation

If the acitvity for some reason will have to get cancelled from the supplier side there is no plan B available. All prepayed bookings will then get a full refund.