Ski service

Do your skis or snowboard need a little love and care?

With our Omega SBI - stone and belt grinding machine, we can give you a great sole with structure. The new Trimjet grinds the bottom and side edges, so you get crisp smooth edges for a better ride comfort. In addition, we do sole repairs, mounting bindings, waxing ant other treatments to repair your equipment.

Your skis can be delivered at the ski rental during opening hours and prices you find below. If you have any questions or want some good tips on how you maintain your ski equipment at home, consult with one of our talented employees in the ski rental.

Important information

/ Due to large variation in type of skis, all prices are "from".
/ The customer will be contacted by large price change. 
/ Enter phone number on delivery of equipment.
/ All snowboards should be delivered without bindings. 
/ The boundary between alpine skis and fat-ski is 100 cm, but varies from type skiing and model.
/ Special randonee skis may differ from the price list. 
/ All skis and snowboards can be delivered and picked up at the ski rental. 
/ If special requests, indicate at delivery. 
/ When mounting binding, bring the shoes.
/ Enter the desired pick-up on delivery.
/ All equipment should be delivered free of dirt. 

Note. Calculated time of all services (except machine wax that can be made on site) on day or more.



Service meny

Full Service
Base and edge grinding. Wax and polish

Ski adult (wide up to 95 mm)
Powder skis/snowboard (wide from 96 mm)
Skis kids (skies up to 135 cm)

Prices from


Edge grinding and wax

Skis adult (wide up to 95 mm)
Powder skies/snowboard (wide from 96 mm)
Skis kids (skies up to 135 cm)



Machine wax and polish

Alpint, Powerderski, snowboard, randonee


Repair of base
Scratches or damage of the base

Prize depends on damage



Hot wax and polish

Skis adult
Ski kids

Powder skies and snowboards only machine wax.
If you want to store the skis or travelling, ask for no polish.


Mounting bindings.

Alpint, powder ski, snowboard, randonee


Avmontering gammel binding 200
Free to ask, if you have other wishes