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Do you have ambitions for more than 12 days of skiing in Narvikfjellet in the winter of 21/22? Then you should buy an season ski pass!The season pass gives you free access to ski any day you want, go straight to the lift when you arrive at the facility and you avoid the queue to buy a lift pass.

Validity period

From season opening 1. December until season finale 31 May.

Important information

When buying a season ski pass, you need an Axess chipcard. This card has a WTP number that is unique and personal to you. Therefore, we ask you to spend a few minutes to register personal information and upload a photo of the cardholder.

Tip: Have new profile pictures ready on your PC/Mobile if you are buying year passes for multiple people. We require that uploaded photos are representative and appropriate.

At the next step, you have to choose whether to refill a Axess-card you already have, or buy a new one. Axess chip-card is mandatory in Narvikfjellet. The card is not refundable, but you can use them in other skiresorts with the same system.