Season card family package

Buy season card for the whole family and get family prices.

For households with several kids, we offer a special price on seasonpasses for the entire family. Family-package applies to parents with kids younger than 18 years old, that lives on the same residential address..

The season card gives you the freedom to ski what day you want, go straight to the lift and drop the ticket queue. 

Campaign prices - Family package

Family adult/youth Extra Youth 7-17 years old Children under 7
13 350 2 800 Free
Combinations Adult from 18 years Youth 7-17 years  Price
2+3 2 adults  3 youth 13 350
2+2 2 adults 2 youth 13 350
1+3 1 adult 3 youth 13 350
1+4 1 adult  4 youth 13 350

NB! We have chanced the ski pass system! In Narvikfjellet is it mandatory with Axess card for the purchase of ski passes, with the exception of single trips with the cable car. If you have an Axess-card, you can fill this card. If you do not have an Axess-card, you can but this in Narvikfjellet. The cards previously used in our Skidatasystem, will not work.

Important information regarding purchase of season cards

You Axess Season Car/and WTP is unique and personal to you. Therefore, we may ask you to spend a few minutes registering personal information and uploading a photo of the card owner.

Tip: Have a new profile picture done on PC/Mobile if you want to by season card for several people, or the whole family. Profile pictures must be representative and serious.

In the next step, select whether you want to refill a Axess-card if you already have it, or whether you should buy a new Axess-card.

It is mandatory to use a Axess-card. It is not granted return on a Axess card.