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Season pass Winter - Early bird campaign.

Season pass:
If your ambition is to ski more than 7 days during the season, you should buy a season pass during the early bird campaign 12.-25.11.
The season-pass gives you the opportunity to ski whenever you want and head straight for the lifts without ticket ques.

When buying a season-pass, you need an Axess chipcard. This card has a WTP number that is unique and personal to you. Therefore, we ask you to spend a few minutes to register personal information and upload a photo of the cardholder.

Tip: Have new profile pictures ready on your PC/Mobile if you are buying seasonspasses for multiple people
We require that uploaded photos are representative and appropriate

Following you have to choose whether to refill a Axess-card you already have, or buy a new one.

Axess chip-card is mandatory in Narvikfjellet. We do not refund these, but you can use them in other skiresorts with the same system.