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Season pass Summer

Are you planning to take the cable car more than 7 times during the period 30 May - 27 October? Then it will be better to buy the season card!

Do you want to take advantage of our spectacular bike trails or do you plan to visit the highest point of the mountain without having to go all the way? With summer season cards you can take advantage of the cable car as often as you like, whether it be cycling, hiking, photography, a meal at the restaurant or an ice cream on the balcony. Buy the summer season card now!

When buying a season-pass, you need an Axess chipcard. This card has a WTP number that is unique and personal to you. Therefore, we ask you to spend a few minutes to register personal information and upload a photo of the cardholder.

Tip: Have new profile pictures ready on your PC/Mobile if you are buying seasonspasses for multiple people.
We require that uploaded photos are representative and appropriate.

Following you have to choose whether to refill a Axess-card you already have, or buy a new one.

Axess chip-card is mandatory in Narvikfjellet. We do not refund these, but you can use them in other skiresorts with the same system.