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Season card - family package - campaign

Buy season card for the whole family and get family prizes

The special price applies to parents with children / youth for which they are responsible (18 years old). It is assumed that the same residence address, except in the case of children of former marriages, cohabitants and partnerships in which one of the parents has responsibility for responsibility.

The season card gives you the freedom to ski what day you want, go right in the elevator and drop the lift card queue.

Your Axess Season Card / and the WTP is unique and personal to you.
Therefore, we may ask you to spend a few minutes registering personal information and uploading a photo of the card owner.

Tip: Have new profile pictures done on PC / Mobile if you want to buy season card for several people, or the whole family.
Profile profiles must be representative and serious.

In the next step, select whether you want to refill a Axess card if you already have it, or whether you should buy new Axess card.

It is mandatory to use Axess cards. It is not granted return on a Axess card.