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Private Ski Instructor

Are you an experienced skier who wants to refine your skiing technique, or a beginner who wants a course focusing on basic technique? Then a course with one of our skilled ski instructors can be the solution for you! The course's theme and focus areas depend on the participants' skill level and wishes. Our ski instructors are experienced alpinists with good technique and experience. Contact us below, and we will book the ski instructor just for you.

2 hours, NOK 950 adults / NOK 500 children (extra person NOK 250)

3 hours, NOK 1150 adults / NOK 650 children (extra person NOK 400)

1 day (6h), NOK 2200 adults / NOK 1200 children (extra person NOK 500)

2 days (2x6h), NOK 3800 adults / NOK 2400 children (extra person NOK 600)

3 days (3x6h), NOK 5200 adults / NOK 3600 children (extra person NOK 700)

4 days (4x6h), NOK 6400 adults / NOK 4800 children (extra person NOK 800)

5 days (5x6h), NOK 7400 adults / NOK 6000 children (extra person NOK 900)

Adult: from 12 years
Children: 5 to 11 years

Submit a request for a private ski instructor by following the link below.