Northern Norway is a paradise for hiking, adventurous people and outdoor activities, and Narvik is the starting point for many wonderful hiking areas and spectacular mountain hikes. 

Hiking in Narvikfjellet

Narvikfjellets vicinity to the City Centre makes it easily accessible for tourists and locals. The mountain is used as a training arena, sports facilities and hiking area and it is used by people of all ages at all seasons.

Fjellveien, Linken and Tredjetoppen

The most famous hiking route in Narvikfjellet is Fjellveien from Skistua to Øvre Fjellheisstasjon 656 metres above sea level. This is a suitable trip for both adults and children as it follows a well-prepared mountain road with a fine surface of gravel and compact soil. The trip up takes approximately 45 minutes and ends at Øvre Fjellheisstasjon and Fjellheisrestauranten 656 metres. Enjoy stunning views over Ofotfjorden, ore-harbor and the massive mountains surrounding Narvik. In Fjellheisrestauranten there are toilets and the possibility to buy both food and drinks.

Further from Øvre Fjellheisstasjon you can hike to Linken at 1006 masl. From here, you can enjoy panoramic views of the region and on a bright day you will see inwards in Sweden and towards Lofoten. If you are one of the kind we advise you to continue your trip to Tredjetoppen 1272 mas, which is a well-known and a simple trip that does not require technical skills, put on good shoes and bring a bottle of water.

Tips: If you want a shorter trip, but with as good a view, take the cable car to Øvre Fjellheisstasjon 656 mas, and go further up the mountain from there. That way you can save power, collect altitude fast, and spend less time on your trip that still gives you the maximum count in terms of view and experience.

Other tours in Narvik

Do you want information about other hiking tours in Narvik? Click your way into the Ut.no And find the trip that works best for you. 

Have a nice trip!