Narvikfjellet's Cable Car

Narvikfjellet and Narvik are best experienced from higher ground! Take the cable car from the ski center at 220 mas to 659 m above sea level, and enjoy the view over the Ofotfjord, the historical iron ore harbour, the city of Narvik, and the mountains surrouding the city. During the summer you can enjoy the warm rays of the midnight sun. During the winter, the fascinating Northern Lights dance over the city. 

Welcome to the mountains!

Prices and opening hours

Prices Jun, Aug, Oct Adult Youth (7-17yrs.) Child (0-6 yrs.) Family (2+3)
Cable car ticket, tour/retour NOK 195 NOK 120 Free of charge NOK 500
Cable car ticket, one-way NOK 150 NOK 80 Free of charge NOK 400
Prices Jul, Aug Adult Youth (7-17 yrs.) Child (0-6 yrs.) Family (2+3)
Cable car ticket, tour/retour NOK 230 NOK 140 Gratis NOK 600
Cable car ticket, one-way NOK 170 NOK 90 Gratis NOK 450

You can find the cable car opening hours here.