General terms

These general terms apply between Narvikfjellet AS and others who enter into an agreement with Narvikfjellet AS according to the booking confirmation.

The agreement can be accommodation/activities/tickets/goods or a combination thereof.


The terms apply to products purchased from Narvikfjellet AS, hereinafter referred to as "Seller".


1          RESPONSIBLE

1.A          Narvikfjellet AS, PO Box 335, N-8515 Narvik Organisation Number 924270071. Narvikfjellet AS is itself responsible for all transactions that go through the website. Our partner, Nets, is responsible for ensuring that credit card numbers and codes are handled in a secure manner in accordance with the requirements defined in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


2         BOOKING

2.A         A booking is binding as soon as an order number is assigned to the guest and the payment is complete. It is the guest's responsibility to ensure that the arrival and departure dates as well as other aspects that are essential for the order are correct.

2.B         You will receive an e-mail when you have completed the booking, provided that you have used a correct and valid e-mail address.

2.C         The Seller and our partners are responsible for ensuring that your login information will not be misused, sold to third parties or otherwise distributed without your consent.

2.D         In connection with your booking you agree that we can send relevant information to your e-mail address.

2.E         To book or conclude an agreement with Narvikfjellet AS, the buyer/guest must be at least 18 years old.

For accommodation, at least one person staying in the unit must be at least 18 years old. Photo identification must be presented at check-in. If the age limit requirement is not met when the accommodation is to be taken over, the normal cancellation terms apply.



3.A         All prices are quoted in NOK (Norwegian kroner). The agreed prices are binding for all parties.

3.B         The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the prices due to increased costs of purchasing goods and services, increased taxes and fees or other circumstances beyond the seller's control.

3.C         With reservation regarding any publication and/or proofreading errors on websites and in other printed information about the offers provided by Narvikfjellet AS.


4          PAYMENT

4.A          We use payment solution from Nets and you can pay with

Visa, Mastercard, maestro, Amex and Bankaxept.

The transaction is handled by Teller, and this gives you a safe and secure transaction.

4.B          The guest shall pay 100% of the package cost when ordering via www.Narvikfjellet.no. The guest shall bring the booking confirmation and show it upon arrival.

4.C         In the case of payment by invoice, an invoice fee of NOK 80.00 will be added. The main maturity will be 30 days before arrival. Bookings that are not paid by the due date may be cancelled by the Seller, and normal cancellation terms will apply.






5.A         All cancellations must be in writing to Narvikfjellet at [email protected]

5.B         The person making the booking is responsible for their own, relevant insurance premiums relating to travel and booking/rental. For example, travel and leisure insurance as well as travel and liability insurance.

5.C         For cancellation of packages and promotions containing date-specified lift pass, ticket or date-specified activity/arrangement see Clause 7 (cancellation)

5.D         For cancellation of accommodation/cabins, the following cancellation terms apply:

  • Cancellation more than 30 days before arrival - cancellation/administration fee of NOK. 225.00 per cabin/accommodation unit
  • Cancellation between 8-29 days before arrival - 50% charge
  • Cancellation between 0-7 days before arrival - 100% charge
  • In case of no attendance/no-show - 100% charge
  • In the event of earlier check-out than booked, no amount for outstanding nights will be refunded.

5.E         Special rules apply for conference arrangements and group bookings.



7.A          When purchasing a lift card or ticket on the Internet, there is no right to cancellation or refund, cf. The Consumer Purchases Cancellation Act, Chapters 5-19. This also applies to packages and campaigns that contain date-specified lift cards, tickets or date-specified activities/arrangements. In case of illness or injury, the card user will be entitled to a proportional refund of the card expense for the time the card could not be used. Injury or illness shall, on request, be documented with a medical certificate. The card must be returned as soon as possible. See guidelines for using a lift card, Alpinanleggenes Landsforening (ALF)



8.A         The Seller is not responsible for unsatisfactory weather conditions, closed facilities or other circumstances beyond the control of the facility. In case of unforeseen and unavoidable events that make it impossible for Narvikfjellet AS to fulfill its obligations to the customer (such as war, riot, blockade, natural disasters, strikes, lock-outs, import restrictions, hyperinflation, robbery and burglaries), Narvikfjellet AS reserves the right to terminate the agreement. without liability.

8.B         In case of events beyond the control of the facility/place of accommodation, the Seller has the right to move the buyer to equal, or better, accommodation. Where possible, the buyer shall be informed in advance of such changes. Such changes do not give the buyer the right to avoid paying for the stay.



9.A         Keys to all our cabins/accommodation units are collected and returned in the Welcome Centre in Skistua.

9.B         Check in from 4:00 p.m.

9.C         Check out by 12:00 noon



10.A        The buyer is obliged to treat the accommodation unit, fixtures and equipment related to the unit in such a way that no damage and unnecessary wear and tear occur.

10.B        Noise and disturbance in the accommodation unit that is a nuisance to our other guests will be reported. If reporting does not lead to remedy, immediate eviction may result. In such a situation, the rental amount will not be refunded. Guests shall be quiet after 11:00 p.m. In the event of broken fixtures or equipment, vandalism/damage or self-induced triggering of fire alarm leading to a response, compensation will be required before departure and may be invoiced afterwards. The accommodation can only be inhabited by the contracted number of persons.

10.C       Pets can only be brought to the units where this is allowed and payment for this is agreed.

10.D       Damage caused to the unit by the buyer shall be compensated by the buyer.

10.E        All cabins have a no smoking policy. We ask all our guests to respect this. If this is not observed, you will be billed for the costs incurred, minimum NOK 1,500.00.

10.F        The buyer is obliged to follow regulations regarding livestock, smoking and use of open fire. In case of violations, a minimum charge of NOK 1,500.00 will be invoiced.




11.A         Any complaints during the stay shall be made to the landlord on the spot. Contact us immediately, or at the latest by 10:00 a.m. on the day after arrival so that the defect or error can be corrected immediately and with the least inconvenience for the guest. Errors that are first reported on departure or later, will not be compensated financially.



12.A        A seasonal card is a personal card with photo and must not be used by anyone else. Lost cards will not be replaced. There is no refund for unplanned shutdown, for example due to bad weather, power failure, mechanical failure, or similar, nor unforeseen physical injury or limitations with the card holder. All business activities in alpine resorts and areas require a written agreement from the lift system. In case of abuse or violation of the above guidelines, or of the alpine trail rules, the lift card may be withdrawn or cancelled without compensation.

12.B        If you do not have a Chip Card (Axess Card), you must buy this. As of 01.10.2018 the card costs NOK 100.00 in addition to the lift card price. When purchasing a lift card online, you can either use an existing Axess Chip Card or choose to pick up the card in the ski shop/pick-up box. The Chip Card will be charged at the first pass when boarding the ski lift. At the bottom of the card there is a Chip Card number (for example WTP: K9811009- U9L-QYM) that must be used in our online payment solution to charge the Chip Card with the desired lift card. Tips before buying: Have new photos ready on your computer or mobile phone if you would like to purchase for several people or the whole family. Remember that Axess cards are personalised, so we recommend you upload the correct card for the correct person if you have several cards in the family.

12.C       There is no right of return or deposit on the lift card/Chip Card.

12.D       Chip Cards (Axess cards) are mandatory due to contactless ticketing. This does not apply for one-way trips with the Gondola in Narvikfjellet.

12.E        Children under 7 years of age ski free of charge in Narvikfjellet if they use a helmet and carry a Chip Card with a valid children's ticket.  Chip Cards (Axess cards) must be bought at the current price.

12.F        Weather and surface conditions: We inform all our guests that weather and surface conditions can change in the mountains. The guest is responsible for assessing weather and surface conditions in accordance with their skiing and snowboarding skills before purchasing a lift card.

12.G       Refund: There are no refunds on lift cards during poor weather, fog, snow, ice, technical failures or similar. Guests must evaluate weather and snow conditions on the basis of their skiing and snowboarding skills. If you are uncertain with regard to weather and conditions, contact the Ski Shop before you buy lift cards. In case of early departure due to unforeseen circumstances, refunds are not issued for lift cards. There are no refunds for lift cards/annual cards/season cards if the card holder incurs injury or illness during the card's validity period. There are no refunds for packaged products containing a lift card after 45 days before arrival.. 

12.H       Discounts: The guest is responsible for showing a discount coupon/voucher/gift card/student ID for the purchase of a lift card. There is no refund afterwards.

12.I         Forfeiture of lift card: A lift card may be cancelled due to material violation of the Skiing Code and instructions on lifts and slopes, and in connection with skiing in an intoxicated state. 

12.J        For groups of more than 10 people, please contact Narvikfjellet for offers (up to 15% discount on lift card in Narvikfjellet for combined payment for the group.)



13.A        Valid identification is required when renting equipment. This also applies to pre-booked and paid equipment. In order to rent equipment from Narvikfjellet AS, the tenant/guest must have reached the age of 18 or be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is over the age of 18.

13.B        All payment must be made in advance. Repayment of the rental amount can only be made in the case of sickness with a medical certificate.

13.C       Skis can easily get mixed up. Remember what your skis look like and where you put your skis! It is not permitted to transfer, rent out or sell rented equipment.

13.D       The lessor is not responsible for theft of the equipment. During the rental period, the lessee is responsible for the equipment.

13.E        The lessor is not responsible for personal injury or damage incurred by the lessee, goods or third party during the rental period.

13.F        There is no refund for cancelled hire unless there is a written doctor’s certificate.

13.G       The equipment shall be returned to the lessor when the rental period ends.

13.H       It is the lessee's responsibility to approve the equipment before use.

13.I         The lessee is aware that the binding on Alpine skis is of the release type. This reduces the risk of injury, but is no guarantee of safety. On snowboards there are no releasable bindings.

13.J        When renting avalanche safety equipment a deposit of NOK 300.00 must be paid. The deposit is returned when the equipment is returned (in its original condition)



14.A        All payment must be made before starting, online or over the counter.

14.B        If cancelled up to the day before the start of the lesson, the full amount will be refunded minus a fee of         NOK 225.00.

14.C        If cancelled on the same day, a medical certificate is required for a refund, minus a fee of NOK 225.00.

14.D        Group courses

                1) The meeting venue for a group course is at the ski resort's gondola base; Skistua

                2) Group courses must have a minimum of five (5) enrolled participants.

14.E        Private lessons

                1) The meeting place for private lessons is at the ski resort's gondola base; Skistua

                2) Lessons can be booked via e-mail or telephone.


15        SKI SAFETY, (in cooperation with Alpinanleggenes Landsforening, ALF)

15.A        It is important that you wear a helmet, show consideration for other skiers and boarders and follow the ski code. It should be safe to ski with us, so we are all responsible for our own skiing.

15.B        Responsibility to avoid injury: You must conduct yourself appropriately so that you do not harm yourself or others.

15.C       Adjust your speed to the conditions: You must have control, adjust speed and manner of skiing according to your competence and the terrain, the conditions and traffic

15.D       Duty to give way: When you approach from behind someone else (from above), you are responsible for avoiding any collision.

15.E        Overtaking/descent: It is forbidden to run straight downhill except during organised training. If you run past another skier/snowboarder, you must give them adequate space for both controlled and uncontrolled movements.

15.F        Starting, running in or uphill turn during descent: If you run in or turn uphill on a downward slope, you must ensure that this happens without endangering yourself or others. The same applies to running after stopping.

15.G       Do not stop or stay at narrow places or blind spots.

15.H       Walking downhill: If you are on foot, only use the outer edges of the slope.

15.I         Ski brakes/runaway straps: Ski brakes/runaway straps are compulsory. Make sure that the bindings are set correctly.

15.J        Respect the signs: Follow the signs, markings and instructions.

15.K        Help in case of accidents: When injuries occur everyone has a duty to help. Witnesses and those involved are obliged to provide their personal details. Alpine skiing is associated with a degree of danger, therefore please be careful. Drugs and skiing do not mix. Violation of the ski code can result in expulsion from the facility.