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Family package

We offer a special price on season passes for the entire family. The family package are valid for parents with children/youth in their custody. That requires the same place of residence, except in cases involving children from previous marriages, cohabitation and civil unions, where one of the parents has custody.

With a season pass you can freely decide on which days you want to take the cable car. You can go straight to the lift and skip the queues at the ticket sales.
Valid from date of purchase until 31.10.2020

Important information regarding the purchase of your season pass:

- In Narvikfjellet Axess Cards are mandatory for the purchase of lift passes, with exception of single rides with the cable car. If you already have an Axess card, you can simply fill that card up. In case you do not have an Axess card yet, you can buy one in Narvikfjellet. Any cards from our previous Skidata system cannot be used.
- You Axess card and WTP number are personal an as such only assigned to you. When purchasing the card, we therefore ask you to spend a few minutes registering information about yourself and loading up your profile picture.
- Wheter or not you have a card, we need you photo, in order to create you personal season pass. The image must show all of the head and the top of the shoulders. The eyes need to be open, cleary visible and not covered by hair. Avoid untidy backgrounds - profile photos sould be representative and serious.
- Tip: If you want to buy season passes for several persons or the whole family, have your profile photo ready on your computer/mobile/phone.