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The timber cabin is located as a castle of adventure in the forest, at the foot of Narvikfjellet. The cottage is surrounded by the wonderful nature of northern Norway and offers unique experiences based on the Norwegian tradition. Narvikhytta is only 10 minutes away from the City center, yet far away from the town's many impulses. We can offer you a very special tranquility, fabulous food and beverage, sensational view of Narvik and Ofotfjorden, and the magnificent calm feeling.

Narvikhytta is used for meetings, conferences, parties, Christmas events, work-shops and similar. The cabin contends meeting rooms. In addition, the cabins fantastic livingroom is located in 1st floor. This is where all the dining usually takes place. All meeting rooms have state-of-the-art equipment and wireless internet access.

Maximum 30 people.

Fjellheisrestauranten 656 mas

The 656 meters above sea level, Fjellheisrestauranten, is the heart of Narvikfjellet and is close to the terminus of the 1 712 meter cable car journey. Fjellheisrestauranten is a two storey building with panoramic views of Ofotfjorden and the region's massifs. Fjellheisrestauranten has by far the greatest view of the city and is ideal for meetings, conferences and parties that require a specific experience. The main floor is a restaurant during high season, summer and winter, but is also used for meeting and conferences. The cable car is the only transport opportunity up to Fjellheisrestauranten, which is an experience in itself.

Peisestua, downstairs at Fjellheisrestauranten

Downstairs of Fjellheisrestauranten is Peisestua. Peisestua has panoramic views of Ofotfjorden and Narvik and is great for intimate meetings and unformal conferences. The cable car is the only transportation opportunity up to Fjellheisrestauranten and Peisestua.