Nye narvikfjellet

Development in Narvikfjellet

A year and a hal ago, the plan for the "new" Narvikfjellet was planned. As many certainly have seen, there is a great deal of activity going on in Skistua. This is where the new area of Narvik, "Nye Skistua" is being establish. By autumn 2018 there will be built 76 new residentials, a new cable car and parking facilities for 260 cars. The city of Narvik is built on the mountainside. 4 major construction companies are working in parallel and several other companies are also engaged in the construction.

It is a great deal of activity going on, and right now it is most seen on the surroundings. We are developing roads and sidewalks all the way up to a turnaround on the upside of the children's area in Narvikfjellet. There is an ongoing process and a lot of construction work is going on with the four-level parking and infrastructure like; road, water, plumbing and fiber-net. Those who have contract with Narvikfjellet, have about 40 people at work on the construction field at the moment. In addition, they are building ra residence in the same area.

20th August

It will be empowered water, drain and fiber-net all the way up to Narvikhytta to prepare for an upcoming familypark and cabin field in extension to the residential field.

From now on, the roads are gradually finished, it is paved all the way up to the new service area. In the fal, everything will be paved.

A new cable car will be built in Narvikfjellet, and this will be ready in February 2019. On August 19th, the old cable car had its last trip. This means both the cable car and Fjellheisrestauranten is closed from August 20th and will not open again until February 2019. The new cable car has a capacity of 1 600 passengers an hour. And it will be far better suited for weather, as it can withstand the wind forces up to 20 meters per second. The bottom station of the new cable car will be liftet off the ground , it turns eight masts up the mountainside, and the top station is to the left of the bottom terrace at Øvre Fjellheisstasjon. Read more about the new cable car here.

In parallel with the work of infrastructure and patches of pathways, excess mass will be leveled. It is almost finished at Familiebakken, Nybegynnerbakken and the bottom of Holstkleiva.

The four-plan parking facility will be completed in November and will be ready to the start of the skiing season. The parking facility will be located in excess of the new cable car station and there will be parking for 260 cars and campers.

Conveyor belt replaces today's child lift

Today's children's lift will be replaced by a conveyor belt of 105 meters and the ground around is also even better suited for children and beginners, as well as sheltered for other slopes. Parallel is the slopes in Narvikfjellet improved with surplus masses. The slope in excess of Skistua is also improved and expanded.

We're not just building a new neighborhood, cable car and parking areas. We also want a better and more secure conditions for skiers and hikers.

Temporary hiking trail

The construction site is of course barred for hikers. Those wo go hiking and not taking the cable car to Øvre Fjellheisstasjon this summer, must either walk up the downhill slopes - or follow the trail on the south side, from where the road stops in Fjellveien, facing Skogstjernebakken. Signs at the roadblock show the way. Parking must be mad at the current Nedre Fjellheisstasjon.

With so much construction activity and varying conditions, there will be both muddy and dusty in the building area. We have informed the neighbors as properly as we can, and we will try to do our best to reduce the inconvenience. The managing director, Florian Aschwanden, states that all of the construction workers are doing what's possible to prevent the neighbors and users for unnecessary construction noise and unnecessary inconvenience.

This is what's happening now

  • 2tal AS builds four roads and infrastructure, as well as two playgrounds to the resident fields with 76 plots.
  • Taraldsvik Maskin AS builds roads, water and fiber-net to Narvikhytta and to the future cabin area and familypark.
  • Rolf Jørgensen AS makes a four-plan parking facilities for 260 cars og caravans, in excess for the new cable car station.
  • Thore Magnussen og Sønn AS do the concrete and groundwork for the new cable car.
  • Bartholet (Swiss) delivers the new cable car witch is pust into operation in February 2019 - and adapted to a new future cable car that leads to the City Center.
  • Momek TPn AS builds a station that increase water pressure at the bottom of the resident field and at Narvikhytta.
  • In addition, residential plots are built, in preparation for construction, or they are taken over by the house builders this autumn.

In total, this is the work of approximately 200 million NOK, excluding house buildings.

Planned and not yet timed

  • New service building next to the new lower cable car station, the new "heart" of Narvikfjellet. where all activity will be emanated from. The site is being prepared at this moment.
  • New Holiday Park with 30 custom-designed cabins.
  • Develop and sale of cabin plots in the cabin area, in excess of the residential area and south of the holiday park.

This happens point by point

See the image at the top of the page.

  1. New lower cable car station. Done in February.
  2. Parking in four planes. Done in the fall.
  3. The children's ski ground with new conveyor belt. Done in the fall.
  4. Turnaround for the new road. Done in the fall.
  5. Fjellveien is closed. Will be dead end during the construction period.
  6. Plot for service building.
  7. Plot for future holiday park.
  8. Cabin area.
  9. New road up to Skistua. Done in the fall.
  10. Hiking trail during the construction period.
  11. Hiking trail during the construction period.
  12. Residential road 1.
  13. Residential road 2.
  14. Residential road 3.
  15. Residential road 4.
  16. Residential road 5.

Narvikfjellet AS

Managing Director: Florian Aschwanden
Owners: Forte Narvik 70% and Narvikgården AS 30%.
Purpose: Development tourism in Narvikfjellet all year around.

Do you have any questions regarding development in Narvikfjellet? Please contact us at [email protected] . Please mark the mail with "development".

Narvikfjellet AS
(Updated 09th November 2018)