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Children's bicycle Wednesday

Welcome to the children's bicycle Wednesday in Narvikfjellet! Bring your bike and fasten the bike helmet well under the chin, because here there will be speed and excitement all day!The conveyor belt transports both children and bicycles to the top of the children's very own bicycle path, and in the pump track the little ones can practice technique and feel the joy of cycling with good flow. In the Ski Shop the little ones can buy ice cream and cold drinks, and in Sneff Mini Lodge you can grill sausages by the fire.Welcome to the children's bicycle Wednesday between 12.00-16.00!NOK 100 per child


  • All participants are responsible for their own equipment.
  • Participants must be able to handle the equipment without the assistance of an adult
  • Scooters and tricycles are not allowed
  • Helmets are required in Narvikfjellet
  • Registration takes place in the Ski Shop on arrival
  • The activity must be booked in advance no later than 12.00 the day before
  • Max age limit for participation: 12 years