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Celebration/party - Narvikhytta

Narvikhytta has the perfect setting for special occasions
Confirmation – wedding – christening - Birthday party

How about fresh air and a scenic frame around your party?
Narvikfjellets Jewel offers superb views and can accommodate up to 30 guests.
The cabin is located as an adventure castle in the forest at the foot of Narvikfjellet. The cottage is surrounded by the wonderful Arctic nature and offers unique experiences based on old Norwegian tradition! Narvikhytta is only 10 minutes away from the city centre, yet far away from the town's many impulses. We can entice in a very special tranquility, good food and drinks, view of Narvik City and Ofotfjorden, and experiences that completes your special occasion.

At such events we will agree to assemble menus, decorations, table lineups so that you will get a perfect frame for your party that amplifies the big day.

Please contact us in Narvikfjellet