Accommodation Cabins

Camp 291

Camp 291 is a new and modern accommodation offer consisting of 9 design cabins located undisturbed in Narvikfjellet. The cabins, together with the existing "Narvikhytta" and a sauna, will form the basis for fantastic nature experiences all year round. Camp 291 is ready for its first guests in January 2022.

Camp 291 consists of a total of 9 cabins, divided into 4 large and 5 small.
The small cabins can accommodate 2-4 people and are well suited for couples or small families. The large cabins are suitable for families of 4-6 people or 2 couples.
All nine cabins will be adapted for self-catering, with a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. The cabins are 22 and 30 sqm. and consists of living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The cabins have large windows on three of four walls and in the ceiling of the master bedroom - which gives your the feeling of sleeping under the open sky. All cabins have their own terrace and are in the terrain to give the feeling of private luxury.
The cabins are recyclable, buildt to last and are placed on poles to minimize the footprint in nature. The quality of the cabins is consistent, and the modern architecture blends into nature in a very special way.