Annual Pass Campaign 2019

Campaign period: 01 - 30 November

In addition to the season card, we are also have an attractive offer for an annual pass. For only NOK 500 more, you can enjoy Narvikfjellet both during the winter of 2019/20 and the summer of 2020. This means that you can take full avantage of our prepared pistes and off-piste areas, and our spectacular mountain bike and hiking trails.

You can also buy a annual pass for the whole family for a special family price. These prices are valid for parents with children/youth (17 and younger).

You can find more information about the purchase of annual passes below the price list.



Advantages for season/annual pass holders:

❄️ NOK 15 for coffee/tea/hot chocolate in our ski shop and mountain restaurant,
❄️ 15% discount on all items in the ski shop,
❄️ 15% discount on  food and drinks in the Fjellheisrestaurant (with the exception of alcoholic beverages),
❄️ 15% discount on ski rentals,
❄️ 15% discount on ski wax service.
- We are working on several other discounts, which will be published continuously.

Important information regarding the purchase of you annual pass:

- Age limits: Youth 7-17, children -6 years.

- Family prices are valid for parents with children/youth (17 years or younger) in their custody. That requires the same place of residence, except in cases involving children from previous marriages, cohabitation and civil unions, where one of the parents has custody.

- In Narvikfjellet Axess cards are mandatory for the purchase of lift passes, with the exception of single rides with the cable car. If you already have an Axess card, you can simply fill that card up. In case you do not have an Axess car yet, you can buy one in Narvikfjellet. Any cards from our previous Skidata system, cannot be used. 

- Your Axess card and WTP number are personal and as suck only assigned to you. When purchasing the card, we therefore ask you to spend a few minutes registering information about yourself and loading up a profile picture.

- Whether or not you have a card, we need your photo, in order to create you personal annual pass. The image must show all of the head and the top of the shoulders. The eyes need to be open, clearly visible and not covered by hair. Avoid untidy backgrounds - profile photos should be representative and serious.

- Tip: If you want to by annual passes for several persons or the whole family, have your profile photos ready on your computer/mobile/phone.