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Annual Pass Campaign

Are you planning to ski more than 9 times in the period 27 Nov * - 31 May, and want free access to the cable car and bike paths throughout the summer season 2021? Then you should buy an annual pass!

Did you have a annual pass/ season pass for the 19/20 season? Then we give you an extra 10% discount on this year's annual / season pass!

The annual pass gives you free access to all lifts and slopes during regular opening hours throughout the ski season 20/21, as well as free access to the cable car and bike paths throughout the summer season 2021. The annual pass gives you the freedom to go skiing whenever you want, and you can easily go straight in the lift when you arrive at the ski resort.

Important information when buying an annual pass:
Your Axess annual card and WTP number is unique and personal to you. Therefore, we ask you to spend a few minutes registering personal information and uploading a photo of the owner of the card. We need new photos for our database, regardless of whether you have a card or not, to make your season card personal. The image must show the entire head and top of the shoulders. The eyes should be open, clearly visible and not covered by hair. Avoid messy backgrounds. Profile photos must be representative and serious.

In the next step, you choose whether you want to top up an Axess card you already have, or whether you want to buy a new Axess card.

It is mandatory to use an Axess card in Narvikfjellet. The cards can not be returned, but can be reused in other ski resorts with the same system.

* Opening date and end of season depends on weather and temperatures.