Current ski resort status, updated March 9th 17:30


Information: lifts, slopes, weather and conditions


Open slopes:

  • The children's slopes (No 15/16)
  • Familiebakken, with park (No 8)
  • Førstebakken (No 1)
  • Andrebakken (No 2)
  • Tredjebakken (No 3)
  • Fjellveien / Mountain Road (13)
  • Søringen

Open lifts:

  • Conveyor belt
  • Gondol / Cable Car
  • Heis 1 / T-bar Lift 1
  • Heis 2 / T-bar Lift 2
  • Hei 3 / T-bar Lift 3


The chair lift
Normally, light and snow conditions are good enough to open the chairlift penultimate weekend in February. We had ambitions to open the chairlift and the Linken Slope on Saturday 18 February 2023, but low temperatures, little natural snow and a lot of wind the last two weeks, has led to a delayed opening (March 4, at the earliest - if we get enough snow). We are moving up the mountain with the snow groomers this week, and have now reached Brønnhaugen. The snow work continues the coming days, both to secure the snow, and to get up to the summit station to build a descent.


Further opening
Due to the temperature and unpredictable conditions for snowmaking, we do not have the opportunity to give any concrete information about the opening of the Utforløypa and the Linkenløypa until we get closer. Information comes continuously.

Narvikfjellet runs maximum production of what is possible in terms of temperatures, water capacity, electricity and production materials, and aims to open all slopes and lifts as quickly as possible.

Information about the opening will be forthcoming here at and via our social media.