Northern Norway is a hiking paradise for adventures outdoor people, and Narvik are the base for many wonderful hiking areas and spectacular mountain walks!

Hiking in Narvikfjellet
2016-04-2512:42 Helle Holt

Hiking in Narvikfjellet

Narvikfjellets proximity to the city center makes it easily accessible for both tourists and locals. The mountain serves as a base for recreation and fine nature experiences, and is used by people of all ages all year. 

The Mountain Road, Linken Summit and the Tird Peek

The most famous hiking route in Narvikfjellet is "The Mountain Road from Skistua to the Upper Cable Car Station 656 Moh". This is a hike that suits both young and old hikers as it follows a well-prepared mountain road with a nice surface of gravel and compact soil. The trip takes about 45-60 minutes at normal pace, ending at the Upper Cable Car Station and Mountain Restaurant 656 moh. There you can enjoy wonderful views of Ofotfjorden, the ore harbor and the massive mountains around Narvik. At the The Mountain Restaurant you can buy both food and drinks.

From The Upper Cable Car Station you can walk further up to the Linken Summit 1006 mas. From there you have a panoramic view of the whole region, and on days with good visibility you can
see to Sweden and towards Lofoten. If you are of the sporty type, we recommend continuing the trip to the Third Peek 1272 moh, which is a well-known and a good marked path that does not require technical skills. Put on good shoes and bring a bottle of water.

Tip: If you want a shorter trip, but with an equally good view, take the Cable Car to The Upper Cable Car Station 656 mas, and hike uphill from there. That way, you can save effort, collect hight meters quickly, and spend less time on the trip, which nevertheless gives you maximum score in terms of beautiful views and experience!

Guided hike? 

Would you perfer to hike with one of our local guides? Contakt us at post@narvikfjellet.no or +47 905 40 088, and we will give you information about availability and prices. 

Join the Norwegian Mountain Tour

From June 1st to August 19th 2018, you can participate in the organized experience; Norwegian Mounatin Toour in Narvikfjellet. Read more about the experience and do your booking here.

Have a nice hike!